Goda Thangada


Goda Thangada

Case Team Leader

Interest Areas

Competency-Based Education
Connecting Education and Employment
Future of the Liberal Arts


Goda Thangada is a Case Team Leader at Entangled Solutions, where she brings experience as an academic and humanist. Coming from a traditional background in academia, Goda grew interested in non-traditional models for higher education that serve adults and historically underrepresented populations, foster 21st century skills, and build bridges to the workforce.

Prior to Entangled, Goda worked on a pilot program in competency-based education for Chicago Public Schools and on graduate student professional development at the University of Chicago. With partner organizations, she has organized consulting competitions on Learn-and-Earn programs and online education strategy. She has taught ancient languages, writing, and classical mythology to undergraduates at UChicago and DePaul University.

Goda holds a B.A. in Classics from Brown University. She is currently wrapping up her Ph.D. in Classics at UChicago, where she also earned an M.A.