Lisa McIntyre-Hite


Lisa McIntyre-Hite

Senior Advisor

Interest Areas

Higher Education Strategy

Digital Learning Ecosystem Design

Competency-Based Education

Next Gen Teaching & Learning Models

High-School Redesign


Dr. Lisa McIntyre-Hite is a Senior Advisor to Entangled Solutions, focused on next gen teaching and learning models and designing digital learning ecosystems. She works with institutions and organizations across the country to conceptualize, pilot, and scale new learning models.

Prior to joining Entangled, Lisa was Executive Director of Learning Innovation at Laureate Education and the founding Dean for Competency-Based Education at Walden University where she developed Walden’s direct-assessment offering, seeing it through from pilot-to-scale. Lisa was a high-school teacher and principal prior to transitioning to higher education. She continues to support high-schools working to design and implement equitable learning ecosystems.

Her professional passion is rooted in the desire to take measurable steps to address inequity in educational systems and to expand access to high-quality, personalized learning experiences for every learner. Her research in CBE and learning innovation has been published by the Clayton Christensen Institute and is featured in several peer-reviewed journals. Lisa currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Competency Based Education Network (CBEN) and American Institutes of Research (AIR) Advisory Board for Competency-Based Education and Learning.