Doug Lynch

Senior Advisor

Interest Areas

Education Entrepreneurship
Work-based Learning
Education Innovation


Doug is a Senior Advisor at Entangled and a member of the faculty at USC where he teaches courses in economics, innovation, and leadership. While at Penn, Doug launched a host of executive degree programs focused including one for TFA, one for corporate learning, one for physicians and one for boarding school teachers. At NYU, he was an early adopter of e-learning, served as a founding member of Sloan-C (now OLN) and testified before Congress and the UN on the subject in the mid-90’s. Doug is active in educational entrepreneurship. He created the country’s largest business plan competition, launched 3 incubators, and co-founded one of the first charter schools in the country.

Doug has published extensively on both education innovation and work-based learning and has sat on presidential and gubernatorial boards. Doug was the chair of ATD’s public policy forum, the board of visitors for the Central Intelligence Agency, Delaware’s gubernatorial innovation advisory committee, and chaired the US delegation to the International Standards Organization setting global standards for corporate learning.

He has won several awards including the APX award for best program, an HR Executive Top 10 award and a U.S. Presidential award in innovation from the U.S. Department of Commerce. He was brought in by FDNY after 9/11 and by the SEC to design and deliver ethics training to WorldCom.

Doug holds a BA in economics from ASU, an MBA from NYU and a MPHIL and PHD in economics from Columbia.