Alaina Leggette


Interest Areas

Equity in education
K-12 education
Transition from secondary to higher education
Digital skills training and work force mobility


Alaina Leggette is a Consultant with Entangled Solutions. As a former 11th grade physics teacher, she brings tangible K-12 experience to the team. Her time as a classroom teacher exposed her to the inefficiencies and inequity that exists in the education space and made her deeply passionate about finding solutions to progress student learning.

Prior to joining Entangled Solutions, Alaina supported the VIQI study, which is funded by the Administration of Children and Families and aims to assess drivers of quality in various Pre-K curricula. Most recently, Alaina worked in partnership with her capstone team and the New York City’s Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence, the policy arm of the mayor’s office, to develop a comprehensive, place-based well-being index for the city. This index, which included education as a fundamental domain, paints a clearer picture of New York City residents’ well-being, as compared to other economic measures, such as GDP per capita.

Alaina holds a B.S. and B.A. in Economics and Biology, respectively, from Southern Methodist University and a Master of Public Administration from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.