Dai Ellis

Senior Advisor

Interest Areas

Education Reform
Business Development
Strategic Planning


Dai Ellis is an education entrepreneur building ventures that prepare youth for success in 21st century careers. Most recently, Dai co-founded Nova Pioneer to build the first pan-African network of K12 schools that make a world-class education affordable to working families. Dai is also a co-founder of Kepler, a next-generation higher education model that produces dramatically better employment outcomes for students at low cost. Kepler uses a hybrid delivery model that combines world-class online content, high-quality in-person coaching, and extensive on-the-job practice. 

Dai previously served as CEO of Excel Academy Charter Schools, where he was responsible for building a network of high-performing urban schools in Boston. Dai has also worked at McKinsey and later spent five years leading the Clinton Foundation’s work on improving the marketplace for drugs, vaccines, and other essential health products in the developing world. Dai is a graduate of Yale Law School.