Patti Constantakis

Senior Strategist

Interest Areas

Adult Learning & Workforce Development
Future of Work and Economic Opportunity
Digital Skills Gap
Competency-based Education
Ed Tech Design and Innovation


Dr. Patti Constantakis serves as a Senior Strategist at Entangled Solutions. At Entangled, Patti focuses on strategic planning and designing innovative solutions to expand access and opportunity for adults in the workforce. 

Patti brings decades of experience working to use technology to increase educational opportunities for adult learners. At Digital Promise, Patti was the Director of Adult Learning and Workforce Development Initiatives where her work focused on using technology to build the literacy and numeracy skills of our lowest-skilled frontline workers. She also developed a competency-based digital skills program, backed by Facebook, for non-traditional adult learners and workers. Prior to Digital Promise, Patti was the Director of Product, Content, and Curriculum, at and was responsible for developing e-learning programs for teachers as well as apps and other electronic resources for immigrant parents. In the years prior to GreatSchools, Patti worked with several startups designing and developing products for community college students and other non-traditional adult learners.

Patti grew up on the U.S.- Mexico border and is fully bilingual in Spanish and English. She earned her B.A. in Journalism and Spanish from New Mexico State University and her Ph.D. and M.A  in Communications from the University of Texas, Austin.