Generate actionable, novel insight.

Landscape Analysis

Inform strategic growth, validate ventures, and drive data-empowered decision making through a nuanced understanding of targeted areas within education and workforce development.

User Research

Understand user and client perceptions, needs, challenges, and leading motivators to ensure relevance and propel meaningful solutions.

Market Research

Determine the right competitive strategies within current and emerging markets based on your organization’s unique value proposition, capabilities, and goals.

Future Trends & Insights

Identify the dynamic trends and challenges likely to affect your organization in the near and long term.

White Papers & Microsites

Amplify and share field-advancing results and ideas with your users, clients, and industry.


Develop action-oriented strategies to support innovation and growth.

Strategic Planning

Enable the focus, accountability, and engagement needed to build and implement an actionable strategy with measurable results.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Leverage our experience in building and investing in dozens of education companies to develop the right approach for your company to enter the market.

Business Model Design

Identify and validate the appropriate model for your organization to advance and succeed in the market.

Innovation Management

Build the structure and processes that empower continuous innovation.


Provide a team of thought partners who deeply know your organization to advise on strategy, business model activation, revenue sources, and partnerships.


Advance change through partnership and collective action.

Network Improvement Communities (NICs)

Act as an organizing entity to convene stakeholders and facilitate cycles of improvement geared toward better outcomes, reflection on data, and well-planned next steps.

Funder Collaboratives

Bring together discrete funders with shared missions from across the education and workforce development ecosystem into a guided, collaborative environment that engenders knowledge sharing and compounds impact.

Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives

Convene the right stakeholders to drive deep insight, creative solutions, and iterative prototyping.

Design Challenges

Accelerate solutions for some of the most pressing challenges facing education and workforce development today through connecting innovators with capital, networks, and thought leaders to iteratively solve problems.

Product Design & Development

With the acquisition of ProjectEd in 2018, Entangled Solutions can now offer end-to-end product design and development backed by more than 100 years of combined education technology experience.

Product Design & Prototyping

Rigorous UX Design, Interface Remodeling, Functionality Review, Prototyping, and User Testing — anything to perfect the experience of using and renewing your product.

User Journeys

Map out all the touchpoints people will encounter when interacting with your product to ensure a great experience from start to finish.

Product Roadmaps

Development and maintenance of a viable, adaptable product roadmap — everything to help you avoid industry pitfalls and communicate next steps to your team.

Full-Stack Product Development

Project Management, Prioritization, Design, Development and Deployment for new products and new initiatives — anything to turn your idea into your reality.