Richard Rattray


Rick Rattray

Senior Advisor

Interest Areas

Higher Ed / Employer Partnerships
International Education
Innovation Strategy
Go-to-Market Strategy
Public – Private Partnerships


Rick Rattray, a Senior Advisor at Entangled Solutions, and brings years of experience as an founder/operator/executive of education services businesses, notably in the int’l pathway programs, online training, and OPM spaces.

Rick brings to Entangled over 25 years of leadership experience, having spent half of that time in the higher- and continuing-education sector. Rick’s most recent work has focused on helping universities develop int’l pathway programs that improve int’l student results in recruiting and retention. Earlier, Rick helped to create the largest specialized SaaS training provider for the social services and senior care markets (Relias Learning). Prior to Relias Learning, Rick served as Co-Founder and General Manager of Colloquy, and Senior Vice President and General Manager of Kaplan Global Solutions, Americas. Colloquy partnered with traditional universities like George Washington University, the University of California System, Brandeis University, the University of Adelaide (AUS), and many others to help them launch successful online programs with no capital risk.

Before joining Kaplan, Rick spent several years in small cap venture capital – launching or restructuring several businesses to profitability. He has consulted to the Sloan Foundation, National Science Foundation grantees, and to Florida Enterprise Development Corporation early stage ventures on business development, market positioning, and operations. He has served on the CEO Council at the Florida Institute which seeks to help early stage technologies from Florida universities to build successful commercial ventures.

Rick has a Master’s degree in Public and Private Management from Yale University in Strategy.