Allison Salisbury


Interest Areas

Higher Education Innovation
New Postsecondary Models
Future of Work & Economic Opportunity


Allison Salisbury is a Partner at Entangled Solutions. With a background as a university administrator and entrepreneur, her work focuses on innovation management for universities, new postsecondary models, and philanthropy.

Prior to joining Entangled, Allison launched the higher education organization at EdSurge, where she built and led an interdisciplinary team of journalists, community builders, designers, and engineers. Allison also ran innovation efforts for the president of Davidson College, spearheading initiatives focused on innovation management, edtech partnerships, new program creation, and college to career transitions.

Inspired by how education can be a tool for individual and community empowerment, Allison began her career as a social justice educator designing experiential learning programs for undergraduates in the U.S. South and rural Thailand.