Project: Capstone

Powering Sustainability through Innovation

Two years.

Two million dollars in support services.

One bright future.

College at the Crossroads

Demographic shifts and declining enrollment loom large as competition from faster, cheaper alternatives accelerates. 57 percent of working-class voters now believe a college degree “will result in more debt and little likelihood of landing a good job.” How will institutions respond?

The Catalyst for Change

At the same time, emerging models are helping institutions reinvent themselves for new times. Next generation leaders are thinking outside the traditional parameters and identifying new ways of competing, offering value and aligning with student needs. These great and talented leaders are searching for a blueprint for change.

Who? Entangled Solutions, an innovation agency for education, is launching a multi-year, multi-million dollar opportunity to help one U.S. college chart a path toward sustainability and impact.

What? A competitive, national RFP process, led by pioneers in higher education, will select a single institution to work with an expert team to identify new opportunities, strategies, and solutions that are sustainable, future-proof, and mission-aligned.

How? Institutions of higher education are built to last—it’s one of the things that makes them great. But it can also stand in direct conflict with innovation. Entangled Solutions helps institutions structure and build processes for true, continuous innovation. Our approach is rooted in building the infrastructure, process, and mindset for institutions to innovate well into the future through three core strategies:

  • Alignment of institutional strengths with the needs of employers.
  • Translation of educational experiences into industry-recognized, verifiable credentials.
  • Embrace of technology as an enabler, through online programs and new delivery models.

Project Scope

Over a two-year period, the selected institution will receive $2 million in-kind consulting support from Entangled Solutions, who will help the institution identify new revenue and enrollment opportunities by increasing the scope of the students they serve.

Through the partnership, the institution will gain access to the expertise of an advisory council of national experts, national networks, and business partnerships.

Rules and Guidelines

Eligibility Requirements

The selected institution will be selected based on three key criteria.

  • A track record of quality student outcomes
  • Evidence of sufficient financial resources for a three-year turnaround
  • Executive team with a presidential commitment to student success and willingness to explore and adopt new models

Eligible institutions must be:

  • Non-profit
  • Accredited
  • Four-year institutions (i.e., offer bachelor degrees)

Review Process

Letters of Intent and proposals will be reviewed by the Entangled Solutions team, with input from the Project Capstone Advisory Council. We’ll be looking for schools that represent the greatest opportunity for impact and alignment with Entangled’s capabilities and mission.

As we review proposals, we’ll be conducting follow-up outreach, which may include phone/video interviews with institutional leaders and/or a campus visit.


Download these dates as a calendar file

These dates represent a tentative schedule of events. Entangled Solutions reserves the right to modify these dates at any time, with appropriate notice to prospective applicants.

Letters of Intent must be received by and proposals must be received by . Proposals that do not arrive by the specified date and time will not be accepted. Incomplete proposals will be rejected.

Advisory Council

  • Bridget Burns

    Executive Director of the University Innovation Alliance

  • Michael Sorrell
    Michael Sorrell

    President of Paul Quinn College

  • Helen Drinan
    Helen Drinan

    President of Simmons University

  • Eric Darr
    Eric Darr

    President of Harrisburg University

Letter of Intent Submission Form

For questions, please contact [email protected]