Originally published: Entangled.Solutions | By Scott Lomas and Elyse Ashburn | Foreword by Jeff Selingo | April 5, 2019

How 3 Distinct Markets Promise to Remake Digital Learning in the Decade Ahead

To take advantage of what’s next, colleges and universities can’t simply take what they’re doing on the ground and put it online. A detailed and dedicated online strategy is required to recruit the next generation of online students and compete with the biggest players in the space.

The future of work, indeed the future of the U.S., depends on our higher-education system thinking differently. The decade ahead will require institutions to ask the right questions about online education, to experiment, and attempt new approaches.

Downloading this paper is an excellent start for institutional leaders as they begin that journey:

  • Explore the three major online education markets: graduates and professional, online courses for traditional undergrads and fully-online undergrads and how they will evolve over the next decade.
  • Gain an understanding of trends in blended learning, dual enrollment and colleges as course curators and certifiers for undergrads and credential laddering and national vs. deeply local for Masters and lifelong learning.
  • Learn how to begin thinking about a distinct online strategy as we enter the next era of online learning.