Originally published: Entangled.Solutions | By Michelle R. Weise, Ph. D., Andrew Hanson, Allison Salisbury, and Kathy Qu | January 29, 2019

On-ramps to Good Jobs

Fueling Innovation for the Learning Ecosystem of the Future

“The future is already here — it’s just not evenly distributed yet.”
— William Gibson

Despite the fact that the labor market is now tighter than at any point since the 1990s, too many Americans are still struggling. The way we live, learn, and work is rapidly changing.

On-ramps to Good Jobs highlights a nascent market of innovative programs with the potential to launch 44 million working-class adults in America into good and better jobs. Technological innovations reshape the nature of work and spark predictions about jobs in the U.S. workforce that are at risk of automation. With the future of work hurtling toward us, the future of workers appears uncertain.

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