ProjectEd Makes EdSpeak Accessible to All

Whackronym® | Product Development

COPPA, ELL, AP, LD, IEP … These acronyms just barely scrape the surface of those used by educators on a daily basis. At ProjectEd, we take pride in knowing the education space inside and out. But as we worked hand-in-hand with educators, we quickly began to realize that no one can keep up.

Education is a vast and often complicated field. Approaching education with new ideas can be, without a doubt, overwhelming. Even educators who have been in the field for years may not know all the acronyms that are used.

We wanted to help others get up to speed and lay the foundation of learning the sometimes cryptic education acronyms.

Moving education forward by setting a foundation first.

We designed and developed Whackronym to help edtech entrepreneurs and creators navigate the maze of acronyms and important terminology used in American schools today. The game asks the player to match the correct acronym with the description. Even when the player gets it wrong, the right acronym will still be introduced and taught to the player.

By learning these acronyms, we hope to give you the tools to communicate with educators and their classroom needs.