Top Automaker Moves from Learning “Compliance Culture” to Human Centered Design

Innovative Design


After years of assigning training as a part of a mandatory payout system, a leading automotive manufacturer set out to create a learner experience that, through valuable content and experiences, would motivate learners to engage with learning activities without the use of extrinsic incentives.


Through a twelve month transformation, our consultant led the team through a number of human centered design efforts, including design thinking, persona development, and empathy interviewing to gain insights on the desired learner experience. Additionally, our consultant outlined a learning technology ecosystem that would enable the kind of experience the learners expressed throughout the process. Additionally, learning professionals across the department developed new skill sets for more experience-related design, resulting in a significant improvement in experience.


As the learner experience around the solution quality improved, business partners began noting the effort, seeking the L&D department out for more solutions to solve more business challenges, even allocating additional business dollars to support efforts.  L&D solutions became more concise, more focused on performance, and more integrated into the flow of work for learners.


This work was completed by The Learner Collective prior to becoming a part of Entangled Solutions.