A “We-Need-to-Get-Started-Right-Now” Sort of Project

Southern New Hampshire University’s College for America | Visual Design

Southern New Hampshire University’s College for America programs are industry-leading competency-based programs built to serve working adults and their employers. The team has extended this program by partnering with local schools and community organizations to offer their uniquely accessible form of college education to recent high school graduates, what they call “community partnerships.” The combination of local support and affordable college program gives students the help they need to successfully complete their degrees.

Early successes earned SNHU a large grant to develop a scaling plan for this new model along with significant start-up organizational work in one short year. Part of this effort was to develop branded materials, marketing messaging and materials, and a new online presence to promote this partnership model.

Providing a Short-Term Boost

They needed a temporary augmentation: some additional help and design expertise to create these new materials, without the cost of permanently expanding their team. This is a common situation, which is why ProjectEd specializes in quick, gracious integration. We can identify exactly how to fit your mission and your organization.

The relief came almost immediately, Our team wasn’t big enough to get through this push without extra help. We needed someone who “got” us, and ProjectEd absolutely does.

— Sabrina Manville, AVP Marketing for SNHU

A Rapid Orientation for The New Team

To tell an organization’s story, you need to understand their present reality and their unique vision. That means talking to a range of people. ProjectEd interviewed SNHU partner organizations across the country, attaining deep knowledge from both administrators and students.

Next, we traveled to New Hampshire, facilitating a Branding a Storytelling Workshop to jointly develop SNHU’s vision for its initiative.

After the workshop, I heard from the whole operational team that they felt incredibly energized. We not only made progress on the marketing and messaging, but reconnected to our mission and vision thanks to ProjectEd’s engaging and skillful facilitation.

Side by side with these stakeholders, we identified what makes SNHU’s College for America community partnerships truly special.

True Collaboration

Constant, two-way feedback. Real-time design adjustments during a video call. Back-and-forth copy edits in a shared google doc. This type of collaboration kept ProjectEd and SNHU’s team on the same page, ensuring that the client remained in control of its vision and its products.

At the end of the short project, SNHU had what it needed: a clear and extendable application of its brand in this new context, clear marketing messaging and an easily navigated webpage that supports their current and future growth.

I always looked forward to meetings with ProjectEd, it was like a break from my day. We’d get on a call, we’d laugh, we’d get a lot done. It was a pleasure.