A Rebrand on a Budget

Sevenzo | Brand Design

Sevenzo came to us with a riddle. They needed a new name and a redesigned brand, but as a startup nonprofit they needed to produce them as efficiently as possible. Unlike a typical consultancy, ProjectEd’s stated mission is to work with innovative and socially-minded companies of all sizes. We were delighted to accept the challenge. A typical consultancy might have turned them away. But ProjectEd is anything but typical.

“We have an ambitious vision for Sevenzo and how it will serve teachers and their students. We are determined to make it a reality,” said Masa Uzicanin, Executive Director and Founder of Sevenzo. “We needed ProjectEd to help us with our brand, so that our team could maintain our focus on the work we do with teachers.”

Curated Crowdsourcing

We sat with Sevenzo and developed a simple strategy: we let crowdsourcing do most of the heavy-lifting, and spent our resources serving as Sevenzo’s advisor. We helped them write and target their postings, reviewed the hundreds of submissions they received, and made experience-backed recommendations for what to look for and what to use.

An Unexpected Revelation

In all, they received over 200 online submissions. After hours of review and discussion, Sevenzo made a surprising discovery: This exercise had only come to demonstrate how committed Sevenzo was to the name it already had.

This presented a whole new path forward: retaining the same name, but strengthening the identity associated with it. We advised Sevenzo on how to make their name connect better with their audience and mapped the road ahead. We used the insights we’d gained throughout our relationship with Sevenzo to generate new logo designs, new taglines and new style guides for the startup to adopt as-is or use as a starting point.

It was a relief to be able to rely on ProjectEd’s knowledge and expertise. We knew the mission and work of Sevenzo better than anyone else, but we needed a partner to help us convey those ideas to the world.

— Masa Uzicanin, Executive Director and Founder of Sevenzo

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