ProjectEd’s unique educational expertise helped to develop a successful EdTech outreach strategy—where traditional firms had failed.

PledgeCents | Marketing Strategy Development

PledgeCents, a crowdsourcing website that connects teachers and schools to funders, needed help promoting their new “Preferred Partner Program.” To persuade both existing and potential new partners to join, they sought a voice and visual design to convey the benefits of the program. After working with other firms that missed the mark, the client asked ProjectEd to develop an email marketing campaign with both design and content.

ProjectEd keys to success: research, design and content in sync, educational know-how

Doing homework, the smart way

The first step in the project was research: understanding how previous firms had approached the challenge. In reviewing the earlier marketing, communications, messages, and statistics, ProjectEd determined that PledgeCents was missing an opportunity to tell their story in a compelling way.

An in-depth look at PledgeCents and other fundraising companies, both in and out of the education space, helped ProjectEd understand what kinds of message and voice would help promote the program. Lastly, ProjectEd analyzed the messaging of PledgeCents’ partners, to understand how to highlight the ways in which the PledgeCents program promoted and amplified the partners’ messages as well.

Parallel development of design and content

With the foundation provided by the research, the ProjectEd team worked swiftly on iterations of both the design and content. ProjectEd offered the client a wide range of options, both for the look and the voice—using wireframes to outline the visual structure and writing samples to develop the perfect tone for the campaign.

Knowing how to talk to the Education

PledgeCents needed to address two sets of stakeholders: educators who use the website to fundraise and the educational companies who are interested in increasing their customer base. ProjectEd was uniquely positioned to address both groups, given a background creating edtech products and working directly with teachers in schools nationwide.

The result was a series of exceptional communications that exceeded client expectations. PledgeCents doubled their click rate on this campaign, and they were lauded for their clear, concise messaging on the benefits of the new Preferred Partner Program.

Without the leadership of the ProjectEd team, we could not have capitalized on this new campaign. They were great to work with and provided constant leadership in design and content.

— Ricky Johnson, Co-Founder of PledgeCents

About PledgeCents

PledgeCents is a new crowdfunding website dedicated to raising funds for public schools. It connects individual investors and corporations with schools seeking alternative ways to offset recent educational funding cuts. Unlike some crowdfunding websites, fundraising campaigns on PledgeCents will be paid to the school regardless of whether the project is fully funded.