Good things can happen when you listen to your gut…

ONEder | Persona Mapping

At the start of 2017, ONEder was a growing and successful company, providing individualized learning for students with disabilities with a highly accessible and personalizable curriculum platform. But the team shared a feeling — a feeling that their sales cycle needed to move faster, and a suspicion that their overall sales strategy wasn’t keeping up with their needs.

Melissa Ragan, Vice President of Operations at ONEder reached out to ProjectEd’s Alan Stadtmauer, and they scheduled a coffee together. She told him about ONEder’s latest successes and that gut feeling.

“He could have come in like a typical consultant and said ‘Here’s what you need to be doing: A, B,C, and D. Go do it,” Melissa told us later. “But I don’t think that would have been very valuable. Instead, he listened. By the end of the conversation we’d scheduled our workshop”

The ONEder team came to our office in Brooklyn ready to reassess its targets, its strategies, and its current assumptions.

“We realized that even in the same room, in the same company, we had different ideas as to which actors and influencers we should be targeting,” Melissa told us. “You helped us come together toward a common answer and to agree on a common strategy. We left your office with exactly what we needed”

From a Feeling Into Action

“After identifying our target audience, our next goal was to create documentation and collateral to appeal to the influencers we’d identified.”

ProjectEd and ONEder created a list of deliverables and a roadmap to guide us through their development. Together we realigned ONEder’s voice, it’s marketing collateral, and even made updates to the product’s UX design.

“Every person I’ve worked with at ProjectEd has been a true professional,” said Melissa, “That was my first impression, and is still the way I describe you to others.”

Feeling something new

“Together we established a new industry voice for ONEder,” said David Welch, Director of Marketing and Communications. “The ways we’ve used social media, the way we’ve interacted with the public, the way we present new offerings: It will all be guided by the work we did together.”

Melissa said our engagement affected ONEder in more subtle ways, as well:

Our work has helped us to communicate better internally. Our team includes people from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, and working with Project Ed helped the team come together around a goal. We’ve worked better than before since working with ProjectEd.