Leading Automotive Service Supplier Evaluates Its Learning Technology Roadmap

Change Management


With three internal learning management systems (LMSs), two supplier-facing LMSs, a handful of emerging technologies in pilot and a growing international footprint, a leading automotive service supplier contacted one of our Partners to engage in an assessment and roadmap exercise. 


Our consultant conducted a full evaluation of existing capabilities and worked with customer stakeholders to identify areas of greatest advancement and opportunity over the next few years, outlining governance recommendations and potential funding approaches for technologies as consolidation efforts were underway.


As a result of our input, this customer immediately began shutting down some systems, expanding access for others, and put a governance committee in place, enabling an overhaul of the user experience for their learners and rebranding their learning system.


After detailed interviews with internal users, stakeholder groups (Legal, Health & Safety, Learning Teams), and organizational learning leaders, an assessment was formed of the existing architecture and three year cost modeling. After identifying risks to the organization for both staying in place and making changes, the customer set a path and re-engaged our team to assist with future governance around systems and providing guidance through an overhaul of their existing LMS and change management for future enhancements. 


This work was completed by The Learner Collective prior to becoming a part of Entangled Solutions.