Finding the right expert to guide a new project

User Experience Design

A global language and training company has its eye on the future. For more than a century, they’ve helped their customers speak with confidence: assisting individuals, businesses, governments and nonprofit organizations as they develop new language and cross-cultural skills. They’re in the business of bringing the world together, and for an organization as committed to quality as they are that requires constant reinvention.

A top leader had a vision for how the company could create new digital features to supplement its traditionally print-based product. He initiated a new R&D project to explore what was possible. His next step was to reach out to our CDO Mo Riza to collaborate.

Joining as members of an all star team

Our client set out to build a cross-functional product development team. On Mo’s recommendation, they selected Junko Bridston, senior designer, to lead this team’s design arm. She worked as an equal partner with developers and project managers chosen by the company.

“It was conceived of as a team of experts,” they said, “Some coming from outside our organization.”

In order to serve our client, we had to focus on serving its users. We’re always committed to making sure every penny spent on us results in new insights about our clients’ customers. We interviewed the sales staff, conducted rigorous usability testing, and pored through customer surveys to make sure our design work fit this well established company’s mission, its customers’ needs, and his vision.

As the team produced its first prototypes, the endeavor began gaining buy-in from other top executives. This new unit was quickly becoming the catalyst for exciting new movements within the organization.

By adding our team to their internal team, we were able to add the extra perspective, skills, and focus needed to bring several new products and concepts to life which enabled this world class leader in language learning to continue to lead and help learners all across the globe.