Amplify Education | Product Design

Amplify sought to help a large, urban school district confront an enormous literacy problem in kindergarten and first grade students. Members of our team were members of the Amplify team that developed new technology to reverse the trend, using assessment, instruction, and teacher support.

Our contributions: project management; data management; development; UX design; visual design; strategy, concept development; strategy; workshop facilitation.

Using Assessment to Design Lessons

Burst:Reading uses formative assessment data to organize small groups of students with shared skill needs and generates a specific sequence of lessons for each group. Student’s progress is monitored, and the cycle then begins again with a new, data-driven lesson sequence.

Individual Students, Unique Needs

Teachers deliver the intervention matched precisely to individual students’ needs. Engaging content and short, game-like activities motivate students and brings the lessons to life.

Customized Support for Teachers

Recognizing a wide variance in teacher abilities, we built an effective, highly personalized PD program. This can range from just a few days of literacy development and assessment tools, to side-by-side coaching in classrooms.

Seeing Progress from the District-wide View

We worked closely with the district at every level to develop and monitor a comprehensive roadmap, and identify potential obstacles. Comprehensive reports identified best practices and challenges. If instruction drifted from its objective, teachers could quickly take action to get back on track.

When it comes to Burst, we couldn’t be happier with the results we’re seeing. The pieces of the puzzle have finally come together for us.

— Darlene Dingess-Adkins, Logan County District Director of Title 1 and pre-K

Intervention That Works

After just six months, students in the Burst:Reading program significantly increased literacy skills compared to students not in the program.