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AltSchool | Market Research

Since 2013, AltSchool has been building a technology-enabled platform to empower and connect families, students, and teachers. Their approach has earned them high-profile acclaim and wide interest from other education leaders. They had been using the platform—co-developed by AltSchool educators and engineers—in their own lab schools, and were getting ready to explore sharing it with other schools.

This first release of the AltSchool platform would need to be handled carefully. They wanted to put their technology and services into the hands of schools where it could truly help educators meet their goals of creating learner-centered environments. To understand who would be the best fit for their platform, and how they’d likely use it, AltSchool contacted ProjectEd.

Analysis and meta-analysis in a single stroke

AltSchool’s first request was for market segmentation research. As researchers in a maddeningly data-rich world, we’re never satisfied with the mere collection of data. Our job as researchers is always three-fold: to collect data, to separate reliable data from unreliable data, and to teach our client how to make those distinctions on their own on future projects.

We’re able to accomplish all of those aspects efficiently because of our long history in this field. We know our sources, and can bring that knowledge to every step of our research. It allows us to identify surprises and outliers and flag them for further scrutiny. We’ll never drop data on your lap without context.

This first stage of research provided enough clarity for AltSchool to engage ProjectEd in a second, deeper round of research.

A few weeks after we kicked off our engagement with ProjectEd, we had started to gain insights that informed our strategy. They work quickly and confidently.

— Sejal Shah, VP of Strategy at AltSchool

ProjectEd brings its vast education network to every engagement

This second round had us talking directly to educators about what they might want from a platform like AltSchool. We were able to compose the questionnaire, identify and contact a variety of educators, and conduct the interviews within a 5-week period.

We were able to go from Kickoff to final recommendations within a month and a half, again delivering each insight with evidence and context.

“Every time we had a conversation with ProjectEd, we learned something meaningful,” said Shah. “Each member of the team we collaborated with brought so much experience to the table. We continued to be impressed with their depth of knowledge.”

An Unparallelled Resource in Education

When an education leader like AltSchool needed advice, they knew they could rely on ProjectEd. ProjectEd takes great pride in its deep knowledge and wealth of professional connections in the education space.