AIMEE Helps Teenagers Accentuate the Positive on Social Media

Aimee | User Experience Design

“A place to share the other half of their lives”

When it comes to applying for things like jobs and volunteer opportunities, social media can be a teenager’s worst enemy.  Their social media presence is often defined by the less professional aspects of their personalities, leaving the gatekeepers of opportunity with the worst possible impression of how these young people spend their time.

According to Tony Feghali, CEO of AIMEE, it doesn’t have to be this way. “Of course kids are silly half the time,” he told us, “that’s fine. It’s part of a teenager’s job description. But they also study, make art, support their friends, help out their families, and take part time jobs.”

“The internet gives them plenty of opportunities to broadcast their silly side. They need a place to share the other half of their lives.”

The launch of AIMEE will give high school students a platform for doing exactly that. AIMEE offers young people a way to put their best feet forward on social media, and offers colleges and employers with a more well-rounded view of their applicants.

A social impact startup mixing with the power players

Whether they know it or not, your average high schooler has exquisite taste in UX design. With so much experience navigating web and mobile experiences, they have very little patience for ineffective design. For a startup like Tony’s, it’s essential to create an experience as intuitive and rewarding as other social media platforms.

We matched Tony with our star UX Expert, Junko Bridston. Combining care with creativity, Junko walked AIMEE through a meticulous analysis of their UX choices so far. She guided them through difficult choices about the audiences they were targeting and the behaviors they wanted to elicit from them. Side-by-side, they identified which aspects of AIMEE’s prototype were contributing to the platform’s goals, and which were getting in the way.

From there we moved fast, rapidly iterating on sketches and prototypes to take AIMEE where it needed to go. We agreed to a complete interface remodeling job, with Junko coordinating directly with AIMEE’s lead developer. With Tony’s oversight, design assets moved straight from Junko’s workstation onto AIMEE’s web prototypes.

Working together toward success

As AIMEE moves closer to release, our relationship is only becoming stronger. We believe that AIMEE will be a transformative platform for young people, and AIMEE believes that Junko will remain essential to their success.

“ProjectEd, to us, is a perfect mix of great design, sure-handed methodology, and project management that makes the most of a startup’s time and resources,” said Tony. “We couldn’t be where we are without you.”