About Us

Entangled Solutions is a Strategy and Innovation Consultancy for Education.

We work across boundaries to harvest insights and unlock the potential of the people and organizations poised to accelerate innovation and foster equity in education. And we don’t split education into separate categories — we’re experts in how learners continuously weave life, work, and learning together.

What We Believe

Society is transitioning from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy where success is driven by higher-order problem solving, continuous learning, and deep domain expertise. But despite this radical shift, education has not kept pace.

Too many are being left behind: low-income, first-generation, and adult learners; the 30 million people with debt but no degree; the truck drivers and others soon to be automated out of a job; and the surfeit of students who have completed degrees but earn no more than high school graduates.

We must aggressively pursue new, scaled learning solutions that support all learners in acquiring and signaling the skills and capabilities they need to flourish. This imperative requires an ecosystem-wide approach that leverages the abilities of entrepreneurs, universities, foundations, companies, and government. Entangled provides an ecosystem approach to an ecosystem problem.